Raspberry Pi / Initial Cost

"You will get the Raspberry Pi Board itself. A power supply or SD cards are not included but can be purchased at the same time from Farnell and RS. You will be able to buy preloaded SD cards too." - Raspberry Pi FAQs

The Raspberry Pi has set the geek world aflame with the promise of accessible, affordable, and hackable computing for the masses. At $35 for a modestly powerful computer with a bunch of I/O, it's certainly affordable - or is it?

While I don't think anyone could successfully argue that $35 is too much to pay for a Raspberry Pi, or that even with the cost of peripherals it's somehow not worth it, one should consider the initial cost of setting up a Raspberry Pi.

My intention with the Raspberry Pi was to run FreeBSD, and to be able to access it via serial console or remote shell (via OpenSSH). Hence the configuration I present is headless - if you need to set up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you'll pay even more. Bearing this in mind, here is the cost (in Australian dollars) of the parts I've purchased from the cheapest trustworthy sources I can find.

Raspberry Pi®

Horst's Bill of Materials

Does not include Postage+Handling
Component                  Supplier          Price                  Total
Raspberry Pi
512M Model B
element14 $41.80
Enclosure, Black element14 $9.90
Base Order element14 $51.70
DC SMPS, 5V 1A eBay $9.99
USB to μ-USB-B
Cable, 1M
Apus Corp. $1.44
Cat 5E Ethernet
Cable, 1M
eBay $2.30
USB Flash Drive
SanDisk Cruzer FIT 32G
Apus Corp. $23.95
Class 10 SDHC
SanDisk Ultra 16GB
Apus Corp. $15.95
Essentials Assorted $53.63
Total Cost $105.33